Survival-Day 2011

eine ste&d- aktion (in kooperation mit stephan haltiner

wenn ausländische studenten für ein jahr in die schweiz studieren kommen, müssen sie für den gang in die helvetische wildnis gewappnet sein.

hierfür haben wir den exklusiven swissness survival-day für den master of advanced studies in peace and conflict transformation in basel entwickelt und durchgeführt.

märz 2001

this is the first swiss mountain climber that climbed matterhorn freehand

this is also the first swiss mountain climber that climbed matterhorn freehand

dear students
welcome to switzerland, the country known for peace and harmony and chocolate and cheese!
we are representatives of the club called „müller wandert und vereint“

the name of our movement is based on a song called „miller wants to hike“, an old swiss country song, which swiss people sing while tying their hiking boots.

as a matter of fact the reason why we are here is that we were employed by the swiss government, which made a survey on health and treatment of the tourists who spend some time here in our wonderful country.
unfortunately this survey showed alarming numbers of accidents among foreign visitors.

looking closer at those incidents, the investigators found out that most of the accidents were caused by unprepared visits in the alps.
a lot of tourists travel over here by plane, hardly stop over the big cities zurich, geneva or basel and travel immediately to the swiss alps, either by train or even by car.

they check in at the mountain resorts and run into our deepest valleys in order to find edelweiss or heidi.
on these dangerous trips into the wilderness fatal accidents happen.

that’s where „müller wandert und vereint“ comes in!

the members of our movement are all experienced mounteneers, a special force which aims to prepare our foreign guests for safe trips into our nature.
we were employed by the swiss governement to train tourists like you with safety instructions to avoid life threatening situations.

„müller wandert und vereint“ has worked out a number of important exercices for tourists that are meant to be gone through shortly after touching swiss ground.
in your case, we were informed by the swiss tourist board that your institution planned to let you explore our countryside.

that’s why you will have to go through some exercices first.
these exercices will enable you to feel safe, calm, happy, prepared to enjoy a visit in the most exciting, mezmerizing, mindblowing switzerland!

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